“Hey Granny, Would You Vote For Bernie?”

    Lessons from an Irish Political Revolution Are you under 25 and want Bernie Sanders to be the next President?  Don’t underestimate the considerable power you have with your parents and grandparents. Do you have family in a Super Tuesday state?  Make a date to talk to them this weekend. Imagine a movement of […]

Tedx Talk

TEDx Talk -“Wealthiest 1 Percent: Come Home!”

TEDx Talk Check out my new TEDx Talk, posted from TEDx Jamaica Plain in October 2016.  I urge affluent and wealthy Americans to “come home,” bringing their wealth, networks, and stake in the common good to our communities.  Click on the link below!  And share if you’re inspired.          


Dorothy Day Economics

    It was heartening and surprising to hear Pope Francis lift up the legacy of Dorothy Day in his speech before Congress. “Her social activism, her passion for justice and for the cause of the oppressed, were inspired by the Gospel, her faith, and the example of the saints,” said Francis before both houses […]


Risking Arrest: I Paint the Line, Because You’re Mine

  “The Pipeline is Coming !  The Pipeline is Coming! RISKING ARREST: I PAINT THE LINE, BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE This morning, I engaged in an act of reluctant civil disobedience. Here’s why: a Texas-based energy corporation, Spectra, is about to break ground on a high-pressure gas pipeline in my neighborhood. We’ve done everything we can […]


Olympic Inequality: Can Olympics in Boston Reduce the Wealth Gap?

    “As someone concerned about inequality, what would it take for you to support the Olympics in Boston in 2024?” That is the question that journalist Neil Swidey asked me for his article that appears today in the Boston Globe Magazine. My quick answer: If the Olympics were designed to support a well-planned agenda […]